1936 GMC Fire Engine

The fire district was formed in 1936. The GMC chassis was bought that year from Johnson & Morsch of Hinckley for $1,150.99. National Fire Apparatus was hired for the build-out, and the cost for this was $2,755.

Total of $3,905.99

National Fire Apparatus normally built their apparatus on International Harvester chassis. They only built 2 fire engines on other chassis, ours and one that went to Ohio. The one to Ohio was destroyed in a crash several years ago.

This engine fought it's first big fire on December 12, 1937, when the elevator belonging to the Hinckley Grain Company caught fire.

It was in regular service until the mid-1950s. It was sold in 1975 at the annual Lion's Club Auction. It was bought by Jerrie Kaus and kept at the Kaus farm for many years. In the early '90s, John Hintzsche found out that the members of the department were interested in getting it back and restoring. He made arrangements to get it from Kaus and donated it back to the department.

 Engine: 239 CU IN. inline 6 cylinder